Across my 22-year international career - France, United Kingdom, South Africa and United States - my works and accomplishments have been praised and rewarded several times with the IT Performance Award of a global telecom operator and twice with Accenture Monetary Performance Award.

"Knowledgeable, experienced, innovative and dependable are the words that best describe Philippe ... Because of his excellent work we won our group's (France Telecom) IT Performance Special Award."
Marco Bastucci, Transformation Program Director
France Telecom Group - Paris, France


"Visionary, Creative and a Phenomenal Working Capacity."
Claude Barrail, Enterprise PMO Director
France Telecom Group - Paris, France

"Excellent input, thank you for clearly defining strategy in this forum. I believe in my business sense. I sense you have superior knowledge and expertise in your field that could be utilized effectively by my past business associate."
Kimbery M., Regional Director
Unicare Limited Partnership - Ontario, Canada

"I have in front of me a very high level consulting work. Questions to my staff, what do you think of this audit report and what next steps?"
Dan W., CIO
Major Player in Education - Princeton, NJ

"We have to be honest. This is a great job. Philippe you did a fabulous job. Thank you very much"
Becky M., Vice President
Major Player in Education - Princeton, NJ

"Philippe ... Interesting Perspective ..."
Jim L., Senior Manager
Accenture, LLP - New York, NY

"Hello Philippe ... Great Job on your article. I am going to take a closer read of your article ... I like it"
Dave Gardner, Principal
Dave Gardner & Associates Consulting - San Francisco, CA.

"Philippe, I look forward to your book. It sounds very similar to my own thinking. I honestly believe that we're at or near a critical inflection point in strategic management and the practical implementation of PPM."
Peter M., Partner
Metlife - New York, NY

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