About This Blog

I have prepared this blog in response to the insisting demands of bloggers, internet IT forum contributors, recruiters, colleagues and advisers; they considered that my perspective about how to extract value from IT investments needed a specific space for debates.

The main topic of this blog is the Business Value of IT, a concept that is increasingly challenged and misunderstood at the same time.
In june 2012, I issued on some of the major IT social networks including LinkedIn an article titled “Will IT Transformation Reshape the Perspective of IT Value?” the purpose was to get the business community aware of the limitations of the current IT paradigm as to the contribution of IT to value. The point in this article was, "The notion that process and technology alone are sufficient to create value is a myth and the reality is organizational, human and managerial factors are the key determinants to unlocking the potential of processes and technology. A new IT paradigm was needed." This assumption met mixed reactions; the most favorable simply praised an interesting perspective while the unfavorable for some reasons rejected the fact that “the legacy of so many years of research that have been enabling businesses around the globe to grow and thrive was questioned.”

The good news is, since October 2012, four months later, an increasing number of voices including experts, speakers, and opinion leaders, through books, articles, IT forums and conferences, have been challenging the current IT paradigm; they claim that businesses will not benefit durable IT value until they change their perspective of value and in general their understanding of IT contribution to value.

I use this blog to debate with you about the key notions and mechanisms that underpins the very next IT paradigm, answer questions you may have about that very next IT paradigm, and provide varied resources around how to increase the Business Value of IT.

The insights you will get in this blog result from 22 years of experience spent within IT tracking, exploring and capitalizing on the most innovative strategic management concepts of the last two decades. These innovations have shaped my perspective of how to increase IT contribution to value; they allow me to help businesses save and bring in millions of dollars. Examples of these innovations include Value Chain & Competitive Advantage, Balanced ScorecardOperational ProfitabilityActivity-Based Management, and Agile / Scrum Project Management.

In this Blog, you will get precious answers to 7 fundamental issues that fall under the concerns of the business value of IT:
  1. Why does my PMO deliver limited value? and How Can I Turn it into a reliable value agent for my Organization?
  2. Why my PPM Capability does not deliver promises? How Can I Turn it into a Strategic Project Management Capability?
  3. How to leverage Cloud Computing in way that guarantees competitive advantahes and superior business value?
  4. Why my ITSM Capabilities does not deliver promises? How Can I Turn it into a reliable value agent for my Organization?
  5. How Can I Combine my organization's IT capabilities e.g., PMO, PPM, IT Governance  and ITSM into a Comprehensive and Profitable IT-Based Business Value Management System?
  6. What are the Best Options to Secure Achievement of our IT Transformation Projected Benefits?
  7. How Can I Turn my IT Organization into a competitive advantage for our business?

Welcome to the iTSM Organization Blog!

Philippe A. Abdoulaye

New York, NY
November 20, 2012